You’re Not The Only One…

It had been a slow but interesting day. I had some issues with another
table earlier and really didn’t think I would come across anything
else out of the ordinary for the rest of my shift. Boy, was I wrong. I
had a middle aged lady who had come in by herself. She was pretty easy
to take to take care of, until it came time to drop her check. I came
back a little while later to make sure she didn’t need anything else
and take her plates. She proceeded to ask if we have ever met. I say,
“No, not that I remember.” She then yells at me about how she had
never been there before and not given me her credit card yet, so how
was it that I knew her. I am very confused by now. ‘What the heck is
this lady talking about?’ It wasn’t until she showed me her check that
I realized what she was talking about. She pointed to the name I had
circled at the top of her check, her servers name, my name. Turns out,
we share the same first name, and somehow she thought that was her
name I had circled. She apparently missed the 2 inch letters spelling
my name on my apron and my introduction before I took her order. All I
could think was, ‘lady, Jennifer is not uncommon, you’re not the only
one with that name!’ I clued her in that the name I circled was mine,
and no, I did not know her name was Jennifer. Lets just say my
co-workers and I had a good laugh for a couple days!

– Jen

Guest Check PDA: closed

Guest Check PDA: closed (Photo credit: atduskgreg)

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  • Rasputin

    September 9, 2013

    This is why I’m glad I have a fairly uncommon name. It’s not rare and it’s heard of but it’s not a likely name you’re going to come across.

  • Anselmo

    October 26, 2015

    All of these articles have saved me a lot of heasdchea.

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