Watch Your Children!

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This story took place about a month ago, but it still annoys and
amuses me to this day. It was a slow day in the restaurant I work in
when this couple with a 5/6 year old girl come in. Relatively normal.

However, that’s where the normalcy ends. The “Parents” (I know this
since the girl called the woman mum) completely ignore the kid and the
kid soon starts to wander the restaurant. She almost wandered into the
kitchen, but I fortunately managed to notice her before she got in.

Since it was a slow night, my co worker offers to cover my tables
while I take care of the kid, since the parents hadn’t even noticed
she was gone. So, I bring the kid some coloring sheets and crayons
(And a small bowl of pasta when she said she was hungry) and kept her
occupied until her parents finally decided to pay attention and stop
her from wandering into dangerous places.

The parents finally notice the kid wasn’t at their table, and when
they see me talking to her, start screaming at me for “Kidnapping”
her. I somehow kept my temper and calmly explain I was just making
sure their child didn’t wander around the restaurant, as there were
servers carrying hot plates around and they could be easily dropped if
they accidently bumped into the girl. The mother shouts that she could
have done that, so I point out that the girl had been away for three
quarters of an hour, and they hadn’t noticed.

Of course, the woman goes completely berserk at this point, screaming
that I can’t accuse her of child neglect and demanding to see the
owner (Who is my dad, and was likely to back me up). However, another
customer interrupts saying that he saw everything and that he could
take her in for child neglect, pulling out a police badge. The woman
turns pale so quickly it was funny and quickly pays for the food
(Leaving a 60% tip, which me and my co worker split)

So parents, watch out for your kids, please! A restaurant is not a
place for kids to play, and you never know what the other diners work

– Lizzie

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  • Daisy

    November 27, 2011

    Girl, yessss! Work it!

  • Shawna

    December 28, 2011

    Pretty sure this one is fake. I’ve read a variation of this story on another site.

  • Sam

    March 13, 2012

    the restaurant that i used to work at had a lady come in with her son about once a week. he would wander off, stand at the cook window bugging the cooks and be in our way while picking up trays. the worst part was his mom found it so funny

  • Rasputin

    September 9, 2013

    This is when I ignore the kid ‘bumping’ into them as often as possible and hard as possible until the parents notice. Never where I can be accused of doing it deliberately. Some brat in Walmart was standing in the middle of the aisle and when I was trying to go past drops shit load of movies and picked them up one by one. Her mom looks over but doesn’t say anything to her. I would’ve said hurry up or helped her to pick them up since there was obviously people waiting for the little shit. When we passed the witch my elbow was straight out right into the back of her head. Did I regret it NOPE and she couldn’t say anything because my arms were normal after we passed. No proof I knocked her and I’d do it again. I’ve also been told I have that mom glare down. You know the one you give your kids when they’re in trouble. I scared a lot of people with it and a few of them weren’t even the ones I was mad at.

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