Waiters Today Blogapalooza 2012

Are you a server,bartender,busser or restaurant host with a great
story to tell? Are you a kitchen manager with some great tips for
keeping things tidy and efficient, or perhaps a restaurant bartender
with a fantastic new recipe or technique? If that’s you, we want to
know. Waiters Today Social Network is hosting our first ever blog
contest for netizens connected to the restaurant industry. We want to
hear your stories and experiences, and we want our readers to hear
them too.


Sign in to your Waiters Today account or register for a new account.
Write a blog post (or five or 10) and post it under the “My Blogs”
section and you’re in. You can enter as many times as you want, and
best of all, it’s free!


Submit your blog posts between enter date here and enter date here
(time zone).
Your blog post must be unique, written by you, and not previously
published anywhere on the internet.
Your blog post must be somehow related to the restaurant industry.
Your article can be a personal anecdote, an informative how-to, or any
other format, as long as it relates to restaurants and the restaurant

The blog post with the most Facebook likes (found in the “Share” panel
at the bottom of each post) wins.Contest starts on April 23th
2012.Winners will be announced on the blog on May 7th 2012.


1st Place- $500

2nd Place- $250

3rd Place- $150

4th Place- $75

5th Place- $50

Tips for Winning:

Make your post engaging and fun to read.
Promote your blog post by sending a link to your Facebook friends or
posting it to your Twitter feed.
Link to your blog post on your other websites or blogs.
Share your post with the masses on sites like Pinterest, Digg, or

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  • JhenC

    April 30, 2012

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