Wine Tasting

Today I had a table of 2 women. They were very nice, it was a mother and daughter get together kind of dinner. They wanted wine, and being the wino that I am, I helped them choose. I brought them tasting after tasting, told them what everything would pair with, the whole 9 yards. They must have been drunk before they even got the bottle! They decide on a bottle of chianti, and two entrees. I make sure they have everything and even give them a dessert that they loved. So, after about 2 and a half hours and being the last ones in the restaurant, they are ready to pay the check. They thank me over and over again for my great service (a bad sign) and leave. I walk over expecting a nice fat tip. 5 dollars on 70! Thanks ladies, please NEVER COME BACK!!

– Blair

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  • Abby

    February 9, 2010

    AHH!! The dreaded verbal tip! You know your monetary tip is going to be bad if they go overboard with the verbal tip!

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