The Silent Treatment

So this lady and her son came in last night right after we had cut
the floor (and the floor plan for servers changed), and they were sat
at a table that just became mine. I was in the middle of a
conversation with another table who were first-time guests with tons
of questions. Not being very busy, I happily engaged them and was not
aware of the floor cut or my new table. After about 3-4 minutes,
another server got my attention to let me know to greet the new 2-top.
So I promptly end my conversation and greet the table, at which I am
met with one of the coldest stares ever from the mother. I apologize
profusely for the delay, take their drink and food order, and thank
them for their patience.

From this point on (especially cuz it is not busy) I give them
excellent service, but the lady decides that I must have offended her
and her dead relatives by making her wait and refuses to make eye
contact with me or acknowledge my presence. Of course, now that she’s
upset, the normal wait time on food (they ordered pizza, usually takes
12-15 mins, it took 14) was too long. She didn’t register an
expression or anything when I asked how the food was or if she needed
a refill. When they were through and I asked about dessert, she told
her son what to order and the son then told me, all while I was
standing there.

I understand the position of being upset at waiting, and that was my
bad, but was it so terrible to go to the point of not saying A WORD
the entire meal?? That’s more rude to me than having to wait the 3-4
extra minutes to be greeted. Her son was being more mature than she
was. Needless to say, her maturity level shone through on the 8% tip
(which surprised me that I didn’t get 0).

– Mike


  • KittyMack

    November 28, 2010

    Hmm, I was thinking perhaps she just had a social anxiety disorder, y’know, like really paralyzing shyness. I’d hate to hold it against her that she’s neurotic. I guess this is a good argument against tampering with “rude” people’s food… sometimes they’re just weird people and don’t intend any hostility. Not getting out much due to being a bit off her rocker could leave her unaware of current tip rates. Buuut… on the other hand, you were there and looked her in the eye, so you’re likely right that she was simply a bitch. Sounds like a ridiculous overreaction!

  • Maggie

    June 14, 2012

    wow. if it were me i would have told her that i have the right to refuse service to anyone and told her to leave and not to worry about the bill. i hate people like that.

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