The Party of 25.

A few nights ago I was at “mystery restaurant” working and I noticed my section and the girl’s section next to me had cleared out all at the same time even though it was still pretty busy. As I went up to the desk to see what was up, I saw the host coming toward our section with a huge group of people and realized they were seating one huge party separately in our sections. When he sat them (a party of 25), I asked him why they sat them like that, he replied, “because the host of the party requested it so she would not be charged with gratuity (18%).” As I turned around to see 4 of my tables sat and 5 of hers sat at the same time, I realized there is nothing worse than knowing you are gonna be fucked over on your tip before you even start serving the table. This is gonna be a looooong night.



  • Kristen

    June 6, 2010

    At my restaurant, it doesn’t matter if you’re seated across different tables or not – you still get gratuity added. Of course, ours isn’t mandatory, but most people don’t notice the part that says it’s not mandatory. :)

    Anyway, gratuity isn’t based on how many tables are put together, but how many people are dining together! It’s a lot of fucking work.

  • Robert

    February 12, 2013

    Actually it doesn’t really matter what it says on the menu or in the restaurant, no automatic gratuity is mandatory. Any party could pay the bill minus the gratuity and walk out of the restaurant without facing theft of services charges. About the only recourse a server or the restaurant would have would be to take the party to small claims court as it is a civil, not criminal, matter.

    In order for a gratuity to be mandatory it has to be legally defined as a service charge. In order to be a service charge the gratuity needs to be agreed to by both parties in a signed and dated contract prior to services being rendered and more importantly, regardless of whether the business gives the service charge to the employees or not, the service charge must be claimed as income by the business.

    You generally only find service charges in catering jobs.

  • seasoned vet

    February 15, 2013

    Robert, you are a dipshit…

    Restaurants add gratuity to larger parties to protect everyone working. Due to the fact that servers pay a tip to the other positions being worked, they are at risk of losing mney by being at work. How often do you pay to be at work? If the server gets no tip from alarge group, they could literally leave work with less money than what they showed up with. Gratuity isn’t added for the benefit of the server to make a bunch of money, it is asset protection for the business.

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