The Pain In The Ass Family

So this one day, I got a 5-top sat at my booth…clearly a family
made up of an overweight mom, grumpy dad, two dim-witted adolescent
boys, and an apparently mentally-challenged little girl. I’m not a
prick so I feel for the little girl but she is demanding and yelling
at my as I first approach the table to greet. The dad first of all
wants 3 separate checks (1 each for the boys so they can “be men and
pay for themselves”), which wasn’t a great sign. Then the little girl
caught eye of the ad we have on our table tent for these special
martinis and wanted her shirley temple brought in one of those same
glasses. I told her I would try, then turned to the Dad and said I
don’t think it’d be possible but I would ask. He says fine, and orders
3 appetizers for the table (including the mozzarella sticks his
daughter is screaming about). I asked a manager if we could do it for
a “special needs” girl, but they said unfortunately no and I just knew
this would end badly. As I approached the table and apologized
profusely for not being able to get the glass, the girl immediately
started screaming and crying and throwing a fit. I said I had to bring
drinks to another table and would return in a minute, at which point I
went to the back, where I could STILL here the girl screaming. I came
out with the drinks for the table next to them, only to see an empty
booth and a pool of red shirley temple on the ground where the girl
threw her cup. As I’m dropping off the drinks I have, the food runner
comes out with the 3 appetizers to a table now with no people.

Like I said, I feel for the girl and the family, but if that’s all it
takes to set her off in an uncontrollable tantrum, EAT IN!!


  • banquet manager

    September 22, 2009

    Your link is up and running. Thanks again new friend.
    The Banquet Manager

  • KittyMack

    November 28, 2010

    Can you imagine what a little kid would DO with a martini glass?! She’d be getting stitches for SURE. Likely need some transfusions and tendon repair too.
    I can see the family having to leave if the little girl wouldn’t calm down, but one parent could have stayed a couple minutes to accept the food to go. Why should the restaurant and the server be out money because of a child’s bad mood? So unfair!

  • Maggie

    June 7, 2012

    Special needs is special needs. I have worked with special needs children. it may not have helped but I would have explained to the family, making the girl the center of my attention, that the glass she wanted was breakable and could end up hurting her, and no one wanted to see her hurt. you’d be surprised but sometimes a real explanation is all a kid – special needs or not – needs to understand and be ok with what they are given.

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