The Afterthought

So I’m a server in this upscale view restaurant, the kind of place
you would go for occasions. I get a table of 3, a boy (15ish) his
girlfriend (15ish) and her mother (old). The boy is dressed up a
little too much and was clearly trying to impress. He talked for the
table and thought he would look cool to ask me questions every 2
f*cking seconds ( So, what is your favorite thing” ugh!) I played
along and proceeded to ask what the occasion was…”I’m taking her out
to dinner for getting good grades” he cockily replies…Awesome. So
they all order different steak dishes (ALL Well done) and rave about
them over and over. As i’m constantly filling their shirley temples
and diet cokes I keep telling myself maybe he’ll tip to impress too.
The check comes and he turns from phillipino brown to irish white.
“Can you put $XX on this card and $XXX on this card and $XX on this
card…” Damnit. Splitting to the penny. After they leave I look in
the check book and next to the 5% tip is this note “THE STEAK WAS DRY
– Shannon

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