Tee Time

During a rush of seniors I am sat with a party of two. They are regulars and really nice people. The only problem with their table is that 15 minutes after they are sat, another couple that everybody hates (including the two nice people at the table) come in and join them. This happens every time without fail. So, about 15 minutes later the stupid couple come in and sit down. I already know what they want to drink, so I just bring it out to them. The old guy has a glass of pinot noir, and the old lady has hot tea. At this moment, we are out of teaspoons, so I give the lady a soup spoon with her tea. “Um, excuse me but can I have a teaspoon?” “You know what, I am sorry but we are out of those right now.” “But I really prefer to use a teaspoon.” What is the fucking difference I want to say, but think better of it. “Sorry, but we don’t have any clean right now, I guess you will have to make due with the spoon that I gave you.” “Oh, well ok. I guess I will just have to bring some from home next time.” Are you fucking kidding me? Can you not stir your stupid tea with regular fucking spoon? Its not the end of the world you crazy bitch. So now that I have decided I will be ignoring that half of the table, one of the hostesses runs out their soup for me. She comes up to me and says “the lady on table 34 wants a teaspoon….” Fuck me.

– Scott

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