Selective Hearing

It is one day after thanksgiving and the restaurant is dead. I am one of 2 servers on, and we are both ready to close early and get out there. Of course, right at the last second, a table walks in. They are regulars…..unfortunately. It is an old lady and her husband. They come in almost every day, and complain about something every time. They request Danny, the other server on the floor besides myself. He is devastated. I laugh at him and watch as he goes over to the table. He comes back to get the drinks and I tell him I will grab some bread for the table. He doesn’t respond and reluctantly returns to the guests. I put on my most obnoxious fake waiter smile and walk over to his table, bread in hand. “How you guys doing? I grabbed some bread for you!” I say with mock enthusiasm. “Oh thank you,” say the old couple simultaneously. “Yeah thank you, you remorseless bastard,” mutters Danny, just loud enough for me to hear. I start laughing immediately and excuse myself from the table. They were none the wiser. It was great.

– Blair

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  • waiterextraordinaire

    November 30, 2009

    Danny deserves a big thank you for that or you are there late dealing with these people.

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