Pork or Ham?

Had a two-top today, the lady orders salmon, and the man had a few
questions before he could decide. One of the questions was about our
pork chops. I wasn’t busy so I gave a more lengthy explanation than
what I normally would. I explained that they are shoulder chops, which
are more similar to ham, meaning that they have the pink color of ham,
not that of white meat pork that you may expect. He decides to have
the pork chops. When I bring them out, he is immediatly concerned,
asking “Are these pork chops?? They look like ham! Can I get chicken
instead?” His wife is mortified, and I am dumbfounded. Maybe he has
short term memory loss and forgot our 2 minute discussion about the
chops. The wife suggests that he at least try them first, and he gets
impatient, quickly cutting a bite from one. I stand there awkwardly
and he says “No, I can’t eat this.” So was that the fried chicken that
you wanted? “Yeah, anything but this.” Yeah, the horror of eating what
you actually ordered when it was explained to you first. I bring out
the chicken and he tells me that I should really mention before
someone orders those that they are like ham. WTF!! Where were you for
those two minutes? I just sorta slowly and still in disbelief of this
guy said “yeeeah, well I did tell you that.” The wife agrees with me.
Trying to cut the awkwardness I make a lame joke about it all being
from a pig, then tell him the chicken is really good though. When I
check back later he agrees that the chicken is great. So after this
episode they leave a whopping $2, about 9%. Guess I should be
grateful-right after that another waitress got $1.50 off of a $70
check. And to think another customer the other day remarked on how
“easy our jobs are, just leisurely delivering food to people.” Ah, the
ignorant public.

– Karen


  • JonnyTruant

    October 28, 2010

    Things like this are what made me despise people.

  • Teapotter

    November 20, 2010

    One of the other staff members at the cafe where I work often says she used to like people as a general rule – until she became a waitress. You wouldn’t believe some of the things severs hear!

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