Niagara Falls

I approach my weird family table with a pitcher of ice water, intending to refill their glasses and keep the chit chat to a minimum, they had other ideas. They begin asking me about my life, school, everything. So I carry on the conversation bubbling with fake enthusiasm and interest. As I am filling up one of the glasses, the quasi-attractive daughter asks me about my tie. I go into the whole story of how I got the tie and the funny comments people have made about it. They all start laughing, but not at my story. While I was distracted I neglected to pay attention to how full the glass was getting. I look down and see that I am just overflowing water all over the floor and my shoes while carrying on this conversation. If these people weren’t so stupid I may have been embarrassed, luckily they were.


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  • College Kid

    November 2, 2010

    So… what’s on the tie?

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