Nail Clippers & Q-Tips

Two of the grossest things I’ve ever seen…
One time a table of 4 came in for lunch. One man had a walmart bag
with him. As I’m greeting the table, the man opened a brand new pair
of nail clippers and then proceeded to clip his nails at the table!
Then he swept the pile of nail clippings on the floor! I had to sweep
them up at the end of my shift. Ew.

Another time while I was bartending, a very large, hairy, dirty
looking man came to the bar. He drank a couple beers and smoked a few
cigs. He didn’t say much and left soon after. When I went to clear his
ashtray, there was a Q-tip lieing in it, and both sides were COVERED
in yellow, crusty earwax! It was both disgusting and hilarious at the
same time. People are crazy. I didn’t see him cleaning his ears, so he
must have done it when I wasn’t looking, or he just had it in his
pocket or something. Who leaves something like that for someone else
to clean up?!

– Pineapple


  • People have no idea how thankless a restaurant job is!

  • babbles

    June 17, 2012

    Dude, I had someone leave a bottle of Kirin half full with chewing tobacco spit on the effing floor when I worked at a local sushi joint. That and he left loose tobacco all over the carpeted floor, NO tip. People are disgusting and inconsiderate OFTEN.

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