My Girlish Figure

I work at a place that is well know for it’s delicious desserts. I approached my section just as a new table was going down. I look down the aisle and I see a shiny scooter carrying a massive lady toward my section. She shimmys off her throne and squeezes into the banquette where the table is thankfully moveable to accomodate her large stature. I walk up ever bubbly and welcoming as any server knows they need to be upon first interaction, and before I could even get out my full greet she barks, “can we get some bread??!!” When the time comes to order she decides on a very healthy order of chicken, country gravy and biscuits….mmmm heart-stopping. She finishes it all, while having the restraint to not lick the plate, but not without asking for extra gravy, TWO times. I then bring a few dessert menus over and describe a few of our temptations. The beast of a lady immediately shuts me down stating, “I need to keep my girlish figure…it would be just way too much for me to indulge in dessert!” Good luck with that figure lady.

– Kristen

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  • j*me

    September 14, 2009

    The way you are describing your tables and deserts, I believe we work for the same restuarant!!! CCF is my guess!! Don’t you love those ladies. I always wonder if they made it to their handicapped van or if they had a heart attack trying to hoist up in it. You know she went home and devoured a gallon of ice cream, an entire cake, and a whole package of oreos. She was just too cheap to pay for the desert and the tip that would have been elevated…..

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