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Mars Bar Buffalo Wings

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I am serving a lovely table of white trash who have enjoyed quite a few Buds and about a gallon of ranch over the course of their stay. Classy. They complain that their pizza is taking too long (I think they are accustomed to the microwave ones) and I tell them I will go check on it (which means go in the kitchen and eat a salad). I return to the table a few minutes later with their large pizza in both hands. There is not enough room to set the pizza down because their bread plates and chicken wings are covering the only space. I stand there with the pizza, trying to set it down, while these assholes just look at me and make no effort to move some plates aside. While I struggle to set the fucking pizza down, this fat asshole at the table says to me, “it would be easier if you moved those plates.” I look at him, trying to resist smashing the pizza in his face, and say “Yeah it would, too bad I don’t have three arms.” That didn’t help my tip, but do you really think they were going to tip well anyway?

– Chris

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  • Sasha

    February 1, 2013

    Yes they could very much have tipped well if you had:

    A) not been so obvious that you were judging the group
    B) had actually checked on their pizza instead of being lazy
    C) Cleared the table BEFORE you brought the pizza
    D) Not copped an attitude.
    If you’re expecting a tip for doing your job, why should the customers move stuff around for you? If you hadn’t decided to take a lunch break in the middle of serving and busses the table, that wouldn’t have been a problem anyways. YOU are the one who sounds like trash to me.

  • Dwayne

    April 2, 2013

    Keep working on it Sasha. Your trolling is pretty pathetic…. but I honestly think with hard work and dedication you can be more of an asshole.

    Or go troll somewhere else.

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