Mama Tiger

I waited on a group of 6 adults and 9 kids. The restaurant was
extremely busy and we had to seat the group in the “event” room. This
requires me to give up my floor tables until the room is taken care
of. I come to one young man of about 9. He asked me if there is egg in
the batter on the chicken tenders, being busy I answered that I didn’t
know but I would imagine there was. He was like can you check I’m
allergic to eggs. So I reluctantly go check with the kitchen. Our head
cook is also the owner and he can be very gruff, and I am slightly
intimidated by him. I stick my head in the door and ask the question.
He looks at me like I’m crazy says he doesn’t know but he thinks there
is. So I go back and tell the kid, he looks so disappointed. But I’m
wanting to get this group taken care of so I can get back on the floor
and make some money. So I’m getting ready to try and talk the kid into
something else when his mother comes over and tells me she would like
the cook to check the ingredients on the box to see if eggs are used.
She must have seen the panic in my eyes and followed me to the kitchen
door. The boss stopped what he was doing got the box from the freezer
and checked the ingredients in front of the mother. It had eggs as we
thought. She then tells me that she use to just accept the answer we
don’t know but we think, of being brushed off because the rest. was
busy. But after seeing your child being disappointed over and over and
realizing that sometimes the help is wrong she demands they check.
Something about this Mothers determination for her son impressed me. I
hugged her and told her as much. she remains one of the best mothers
ever in my eyes. Plus the group made the time worth my while by
tipping about 25.00. Not bad.
– Bullwinkle


  • 10 Year Veteran

    February 21, 2010

    Maybe mothers and fathers should teach their children that there is more to eating out than chicken fingers. What the hell? If he is disappointed “time and time again” maybe they should help him choose an item than doesn’t have egg involved 99.9% of the time.

  • Bullwinkle

    April 7, 2010

    I still stand by this Mother. Even though it made my job harder she stated that they have found chicken tenders made without eggs in the past after they asked to see the ingredients. I’m sure she has bought tenders at the store that don’t contain eggs. She was standing up for her child and in the process teaching him to stand up for himself. She is still the favorite Mother I’ve ever waited on.

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