Grumpy McGrumperson

I am really busy and I get sat with a party of two, while getting sat with 3 other tables. Great. It is an older man and woman and they are not the most friendly of people. The hostess tells them that I am really busy and gets their drinks for them. I come by like 4 minutes later. “Hey folks, how are you doing today?” They give me the look of death. “Hungary.” “Well, thanks for being patient, as you can see we are really really busy. What can I get for you.?” The lady orders a caesar salad, and the guy gets a lasagna. I offer them bread, which they decline. There food takes the average amount of time, and when I bring it out they are pissed. “Thanks,” they say without making eye contact, “Took long enough.” Yeah whatever asshole. I make sure they have everything, the lady has never touched her water, the guys doesn’t want another beer, they just want to be left alone. After they are done they complain to the manager that the hostess was rude to them, I ignored them and didn’t get them everything they needed (which was nothing), and that their food took to long. Oh, and they stiffed me.

– Jon


  • Noelle

    December 17, 2009

    This customer acts like an ass to justify his cheapness. He doesn’t want to tip and he likes to be mean. These folks really don’t deserve to go out to eat. There are quite a few customers out there like this, “Go ahead and treat me like shit because I am going to complain, be mean and try to get something for free and will not tip” But of course we don’t do that because we are in the service industry and we can’t stop ourselves and we always hope grumpy mcgrumpy will get over his fucking self. Rise above.

  • waitersfriend

    December 18, 2009

    People get sooooo crazy this time of year Jon. Xmas shopping takes its toll then they come to us for some respite but they are so wound up and unable to relax

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