Lone Asshole

One evening a customer ordered a chicken dinner. We’ve had problems with this guy before. He complained every time he ate there. It could of been about the service, the silverware but this time it was about the food. His dinner arrived and was placed in front of him. Green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy and 3 pieces of chicken. One thigh and 2 legs. I was in the kitchen with several other employees watching him to see what the problem was going to be this time. He didn’t let us down. He called the waitress over with a snotty attitude. He picked up the 2 chicken legs and said; “Why would you serve me 2 chicken legs, one bigger than the other?” The waitress looked at the legs then looked at him and said; “What difference does it make to you? Are you going to eat em or dance with em?” The entire kitchen erupted with laughter and applause. The guy stormed out and we never had to deal with him again.

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  • Belle

    September 22, 2009

    Your blog is my fave…but….just because someone eats alone does not mean they are poor company or lonely. I often dine alone because I adore solitude, good food and a good book. Thanks to your blog and others like it, I always leave a 40% tip, smile, understand when my waiter is busy and treat him/her respectfully. I’d like it if the hosts did not say “Just One?” or the waiter to always ask “Is someone joining you?” but it always happens. People are just human and not always carefully planning their next words, I believe. The worst is when I feel I am purposefully ignored because my bill is less than $15-20 and the waiter assumes I’ll be leaving a dollar. Last week, I left $10 on a $12 ticket because the waitress was awesome, personable and efficient. I hope she remembers me and does the same…and I’ll do it again! Keep up the terrific blog!!

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