Do You Take Cream?

I have just finished filling up one of my tables’ cups with coffee, and I am escorting two old ladies to my section, coffee pot in hand. I seat them and the lady says to me, “Thank you so much for moving us, it was so loud over there.” “Not a problem”, I reply, “it was too loud to even hear yourself think huh?” I give a stereotypical fake-ass waiter laugh and wheel around with the coffee pot to go to the drink station. In the midst of my maneuver, I slam the coffee pot up against the bar, shattering the glass inside, and it begins dripping coffee everywhere. Not wanting to make a mess I instinctively put my hand underneath it to catch the dripping coffee. I learned two things that day. One, coffee is hot. Two, I am an idiot.


  • Maggie

    June 7, 2012

    sucks dude i’m sorry.

  • Robert

    February 13, 2013

    I can sympathize. I was pulling a chicken pot pie out of the oven one handed. The tray started to tilt, the pie started to slide and I instinctively used my free hand to stop the pie from falling.

    Saved the pie. Got second degree burns on my hand.

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