Dine and Dash

I was a bartender at a popular sports bar. It is not uncommon for us
to have a bar full of patrons to stay for the whole game and run big

One football Sunday I had 2 guys that came in before the noon game and
stayed until the night game was over. They bought food, drinks, shots
for ladies they hit on, dessert, you name it they bought it and rang
up a tab of close to $300.

That year I also ran a pick em league, where patrons picked winners
for the following week’s games and they could win $500 gift
certificates, cases of beer, etc.

Soon after the last game was over I looked over to where they were
sitting, they were no where to be found. We checked the bathrooms, the
patio…they were gone.

My fellow bartender looks at me and said,”Did they just dine and
dash?” Because this was extremely rare at our restaurant.

I realized that one of the guys filled out next week’s picks on a
sheet by their tab, complete with 3 phone numbers, address, email
address, and the best time to call if he had won a prize.

So I called Bob who claimed that he was never at my bar/restaurant
that day and that I must have been mistaken. He wanted to know how I
got his number and that he would call the police for harassment.

I then explained to him that he couldn’t enter the contest without
settling his tab.

Not even 10 minutes later Bob showed up, paid his tab in full and left
a 30% tip.
– Sammy


  • Samir

    July 21, 2011

    That’s funny! I’m glad he came and settled his tab and gave a tip, cause it would be a pain if he absolutely refused to go, also it would suck to get the police involved.

    As for him not remembering at all, well alcohol does do stupid things to the brain.

  • I’ve drank a lot. I’ve never once “forgotten” about a $300 bar tab.

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