Coffee Shop Fun

I work at a very well known coffee shop. We are really busy as usual and this lady comes in and orders an iced green tea. Immediately after paying she puts in her iPod headphones and sits down at a table facing AWAY from the counter. I continue taking orders and ringing them in while the other staff are busy making drinks and calling out orders. I hear the other staff call out an iced green tea while I amidst all the chaos and think little of it. A few minutes later I see the lady standing right next to my cash register with a pissed off look on her face. “Why haven’t I got my drink yet? All these people that were here after me got drinks before mine!” I look over at the part of the counter where the drinks come up and see (as I expected) an iced green tea gathering condensation and begging to be consumed. “Miss, your iced tea is waiting for you on the far side of the counter.” She turns her head, sees the drink, then turns back to me and says, “well how was I supposed to know it was ready. Nobody called my name or anything.” I am trying not to laugh because at this point she still has one headphone in her ear and she is seriously complaining to me that she didn’t hear her name called. “Well I am terribly sorry that you didn’t hear your name called miss, maybe next time you should put your headphones in AFTER you get your drink.”

– Rebecca


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