Just Frustrating

I was serving a table of five, two parents, one child, one toddler,
one baby. Usually, we take out their food, and then ask “Can I get you
anything else? Any sauces, any drinks?” and usually I get either “What
sauces do you have/Do you have ___?” And I get what they ask for, and
everything is cool.
With kids, it’s almost a granted that they’ll want ketchup with their
meal. But, so we don’t waste any, we have to wait and ask.
So, I bring out their meals (only the adults and the biggest child
have food) and I ask “Can I get you anything else?” Expecting a “Yes,
ketchup please”. The kid (I’m guessing nine or ten years old) says
“No, I think I’ll be ok, thanks” I nicely ask “Sure?” and he says
10 minutes later, I am absolutely flat out, head server asks “Hey,
table ___ asked for ketchup, can you get them some please?” I tell her
politely I’m busy, but I’ll do it asap.
15 minutes later, I’ve finally got a spare second. I ask server “Did
table ___ get ketchup already?”
Server rants, uninterruptably, about how she had to do it, how I
should have asked them when I went over, and how people can’t wait
that long for f***ing ketchup.
Not. Happy.

– Freya


  • serenity

    October 15, 2009

    OK, really? if someone asks for ketchup, I’ll grab it myself, whether it’s my table or not, no big. And sounds like a really stupid policy on your restaurant’s part. I always bring out the condiments beforehand to save time (waste it? if they don’t want it, they won’t use it, so how can it be wasted?). That said, 5 year olds aren’t known for being clear and asking for things, even when prompted. And if it took you 15 minutes to get back to the table with ketchup, you must be a piss poor server. No matter HOW busy you were, you had to have walked by the ketchup AND the table a few times. It’s called multi tasking…try it.

  • Kristen

    June 6, 2010

    Hey, serenity, the poster said the kid was 9-10, not 5. Also, it says TEN MINUTES after they dropped off the food was when the ketchup request was made. And when a server tells another server they’re busy but will “get to it ASAP” that usually means, “But PLEASE get it for me is YOU aren’t busy!!”
    Don’t be such a dick.

  • Serenity

    July 1, 2010

    The table asked another server for it 10 minutes later bc she hadn’t been by to check on them since she dropped it off, clearly, and then it’s another 15 before she checks to see if it was dropped off or not. So, for 25 minutes, she doesn’t check on her table. I work in a very busy restaurant, with minimal support staff, and I know what it’s like to be weeded, and sorry, there is no excuse for not going by your table for that long. I stand by my statement.

  • Midniteoctopus

    November 11, 2010

    It’s a bottle of ketchup….I mean really how hard is it to drop it off while doing something else for another table?

  • KittyMack

    November 28, 2010

    Duh, people. She obviously works in a place classy enough to not USE bottles on the tables, but little bowls. Thus it is wasted if unwanted. I love being served that way because I know only the staff has touched my condiments. With communal bottles you just know one of the previous diners wiped drizzle off the lip with his finger…and maybe even licked it off, then wiped a daub that was remaining. Euuugh!
    Anyway, it’s not really her fault if the restaurant is understaffed & has a cheapskate ketchup policy, nor that the table declined something then changed their minds. She posted to get some sympathy, not be bitched at, so settle down!

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