Big Baller

Slammed in my section tonight I had a full round of moth keepers ( people that need to open their wallets and let the moths fly the fuck out). I finally get that cool table that the dad jokes around and the family is very interactive. Cracking jokes already, I was in the weeds and the bartender was behind. He was a rather big fellow so I brought the table a round of waters and let them know the specials because I didnt want them to wait and I knew he was probably thirsty. Before I had even finished my intro, he drank the entire glass of water. I re-filled the glass of water 3 times before I brought them bar drinks only minutes later. He ordered a special refillable tea from the bar, but as a courtesy I had upgraded the beverage to a larger glass AND brought him a back up. Throughout the meal he had expressed interest and asked if I was a student at Cal State. He then went on to tell me how he fully supported his girls through school and his wife cut him off to make sure he exposed his secret. The secret was that he bought his daughters a four bedroom house while they went through college and let them vacation on his big luxiourious house boat at Lake Mead. Wow, I said, your girls are very lucky to have a dad like you, where do I sign up to be a part of YOUR family?! Bringing the table refills and lots of attention, sure that he would feel bad for my 2 job, school situation. The bill comes and the total is $190. He splits it between two credit cards $95 each. They had already left when I open the check presenters to find a big $9 off both checks. Apparently, today was not the day to sign up to be in his family!……Thanks Baller!!!



  • Sasha

    February 2, 2013

    You thought he would tip you because he felt bad for you? No, someone shouldn’t be guilted into paying you extra because your job sucks. Pretty much all jobs suck. $18 for refilling glasses and bringing out food seems more than fair.

  • natalie

    March 11, 2013

    AGAIN SASHA WTF? Have you ever actually served before? You’re telling me you would be ok with 9% on a $190 bill? BS

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