Back Fire

I get to work and am immediately sat with a party of 5 old bitchy ladies. My favorite. “Hi, how are you ladies doing today?” “Water,” one lady says to me as if I am sub-human. “And my name is Danny, I will be taking care of you.” “We are going to need 5 separate checks.” “Ok, but it is going to take a little longer at the end when I have to split those all up.” “No its not.” Wow, I hate these bitches. “Right, well anyway, it is.” So after trying to get their drink orders, one lady said yes to every single drink that I mentioned, I get everything put in and try to avoid them like the plague. After dinner I separate their checks, but needing a little revenge I put 5 split checks in one check book, and also give them 4 more with nothing in them. The look on their faces was priceless. The funny thing is, instead of pissing them off it made them laugh and they tipped me good! Not quite the effect I was hoping for but I will take it!

– Danny

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