Anybody Home?

I am slammed, and have just finished clearing the plates on a table of two.  I ask them if they would like the ice cream that comes included with their meal. They say yes, but they would like to upgrade to gelato for an additional fifty cents. No problem, now all I have to do is read them the 12 CHOICES! I slowly read the choices so that there can not be any confusion. After I finish the idiot at the table looks at me and says, “Can you read those again? I wasn’t listening.” Sure moron, try to pay attention this time. I read it again and they make their choices after much deliberation. I purposely do not get their ice cream and come back a few minutes later and ask them if there is anything else I can get them. “What about our ice cream?” Oh I am sorry, I wasn’t listening. Totally worth getting stiffed just to see the look on their face.

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  • Ashley

    November 9, 2009

    LoL! Ballsy!

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