Too Many Years

Im now The Operations Manager for a group of restaurants, but i’ve
worked my way up the hard way.

I am still amazed at the rude, stupid people that i come into contact
with on a daily basis.

Guys, remember that this job is not for everyone, take pride in doing
something that “normal” people will not be able to hack

– Reuben


  • The Restaurant Manager

    March 7, 2012

    Great advice

  • Tiffani

    April 21, 2012

    Thank you so much Rueben…There are days where I want to just cry and walk out or scream and hit someone. Thanks for the support and you are right, not many people can do this job. At our restaurant, I’ve probably seen over 30 girls come and go through the doors…hard stuff.

  • reuben miranda

    July 14, 2012

    Still fighting the good fight and still meeting complete aholes. Why do people become so thick as soon as they walk in a restaurant? Ive never figured that out. Why sit at the one dirty table when there are four clean ones? And why oh why do you bitch about having to wait twenty minutes for a table when you can see that the restaurant is full?

    I feel all your pain people, but know that the world over, servers are going through the same things that you are


  • Toini

    August 14, 2012

    Hi Reuben!

    Greetings from Finland! I’m dealing with the same idiotic customers here too. Every freakin’ day I get the same “why do we have to wait 30min” etc.. so frustrating!!!

  • Ewa

    September 9, 2012

    Oh my God! Sitting at dirty table when there’s few clean around, air conditioner blows too strong, while two seats further – it’s too hot in here! Wrr .Guys, I am a waitress in a foreign country, English is not my first language and my frustration hits the highest levels when talking to an angry, rude customer and not being able to answer back fluently.
    My boss is a viscious men. Each time a customer (following head office’s advice I should say: a guest..) presses the “calling” button placed on every table you can hear loud: Can I order please! hello! hello! I’m thursty! going all over again till someone reaches the table and on every shift I clean hundreds of dishes – last kitchen porter I saw a year ago – manager is saving money. I feel filthy and exchausted most of the times. And I guess I just wanted to say to someone who understands.. take care all of you!
    Best regards,

  • Chris

    October 23, 2013

    I live in a tourist area in southwest Florida. I am so sick of restaurants but I’d rather do that than be a jail guard or something. It is a service-oriented area and the jobs just don’t pay here. This has got to be the $10/hour capital of the country. So many people here are working at 7-11 or holding signs. As far as the restaurant business, it’s not the guests so much as it is the a-holes I have worked for and with. Stupid managers on power trips who know nothing about the field in which they are managing. They fire the good help and those who are constantly late or don’t even show up, don’t do their side work and slack all around, get away with it. Like they can’t find a reason to fire the bad ones in this business. Like they need more evidence. Same goes for the corrupt managers, they can’t find a reason even when they violate handbook policies. This industry is so corrupt anymore. These rich people have the money yet too often they just don’t wanna tip because the economy is bad or whatever they are buying into on Fox News. We have to claim all of our tips now because the IRS has cracked down. This is another perfect example of those in power going after the small issues rather than taking on the big issues. The IRS is making so much money off of going after restaurant employees’ tips and taxing them. The server wage is outdated. Now that we have to claim all our tips, we need to be paid accordingly, minimum wage. The server wage is so low that managers and restaurant owners overstaff so the tipped employees can’t make their money. Raise the wage and that overstaffing crap will stop. Corporations have taken over and they don’t want you to make more than $100. Managers get pissed when they see your paycheck is bigger than theirs. Corporate places make you run food, scrub base boards, little 3 table sections, do anything to use you for free labor while keeping you from making your money. Tips all go into our paychecks now. Restaurants, private clubs, resorts, far too often are taking/stealing a percent of our tips. Department of Labor can’t do anything about it because they are only there to make sure you earned at least minimum wage. An attorney can help but he/she will take most of your award and you’ll get to deal with years of legal crap, appeals and countersuits. Even at such a low wage, most places won’t let you work overtime, even though you really work for tips. Management companies have taken over resorts and private clubs. These companies are loaded with young people/managers and people who have no expertise in the field which they are managing. It’s a big power trip and and a bunch of management clique garbage. The server wage only covers your taxes. The restaurant is basically getting your labor at no cost. The auto grat is being taken away as well. Legislations are being put in place in various states that make it illegal to auto grat parties of 6 or more, etc. Marriott took away the auto grat as well as the Waldorf Astoria here and that was 5 years ago. Banquet staffing agencies are more common now, paying banquet servers $14/hour. I used to love working banquets. They were big money makers. You should make anywhere from $150-450 working banquets. But many country clubs now only give the server or bartender $125 and the house keeps the rest. They structure it in such a way that it calculates an adjusted gratuity but they found a way to give $125 instead of the $425 we used to get from the same weddings and events. There’s way too much tipping out. Why should some high school food runner being paid more per hour be earning almost as much in tip outs as a server who is doing all the selling and dealing with all the pain is the ass stuff we get everyday with the guests? Why should a server have to tip out the hostess? Why should the server have to tip out the bartender a percentage of their food sales? Afterall, the server quite often is running food for the bartender. Restaurants run so many specials now because of “the economy” and the competition. It makes people cheap and expect more for free. If a restaurant wants to give more than 50% off deals that’s fine. But they used to auto grat the check on the original total first. Not now. They don’t even put the original total on the check anywhere so eventhough the guest knows they are getting a deal for half the price, they still tip according to the bottom line. Most places don’t care if you make money. Where I live, this is how we make our money. I can’t believe how many bad restaurant jobs there are now. And I’m afraid to go to most places for work now because I keep finding out, months after being there, that I’m not only making very little money but the drama is too much and the chef and managers are a-holes. People take this stuff so serious anymore. We are just serving food and drinks. There are so many idiots in this business.

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