Tears In An Elevator

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I work at a high volume roof top bar/restaurant in a city famous for

it’s beautiful weather, historic charm and abundance of watering

holes. Needless to say we get insanely busy during the summer and

especially holiday weekends.

The Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend I was working the upper level

of the bar starting at 2pm. Before the bartender and the other server

and I were even done setting up we had a crowd of people waiting. Mind

you we also do not have a hostess, so there is nobody regulating where

and when customers sit. By sunset around 7:30 we were completely

slammed with customers waiting for tables and immediately sitting down

at dirty ones that had just been vacated. I was 9 tables deep when a

couple sat down at a recently vacated (and dirty) table with beers

they had gotten from the bar. Normally customers ordering bar drinks

then sitting at my table would annoy me, but on this particular night

I was actually relieved to have one less table available. Minutes

after they sit the woman impatiently waves her empty Miller Lite at

me, so I give her a nod of recognition and ring in another one.

Approximately 15 minutes go by with me running around trying to please

everyone in my section, then I look up to realize Miller Lite lady and

her husband nowhere to be found. I can deal with people being rude to

me, but a walkout is something I absolutely will not tolerate. So I

tell the other server to watch my tables and fly down 4 flights of

stairs to track down the couple.

I was able to find them walking out of the front door. I chase them

out and hand them their tab (which was only $4, but hell if I’m going

to pay for them walking out on me). After telling them that what

they’re doing is not only extremely rude but also illegal, the lady

responds “Well we haven’t seen you in 45 minutes.” Not only is this a

complete exaggeration but she is also being a total bitch and failing

to understand how busy we are. I say to her “I apologize for the poor

service but we are very busy tonight and I can’t be everywhere at

once. I understand if you don’t want to tip me, but please pay your

tab.” The husband then says “Yeah, we’re not tipping you. Do you have

change for a $10?” I reach into my book, hand him 6 ones, take his $10

and turn to get onto the elevator to take me back up to the bar. “You

have a good night!” The woman shouts at my back. I can’t take it

anymore. I lose it. So I did what any rational human being would do,

pop my head out the elevator doors and say “You do the f***ing same!”

The couple and the bouncers stare at me in horror.

I knew I could get in major trouble for speaking to a customer that

way, but damn it felt good. Of course the second the elevator doors

shut I burst into tears at my own misfortune, but it was almost worth

it to get to play the bad-ass for a few seconds.

Oh, and I walked with $320 that night, so suck it Miller Lite lady.

– Joanna

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  • Serving With An Attitude

    December 8, 2011

    Good for you! I wish, even for a second, that dine-and-dash assholes realized that what they are doing is a felony. In the scope of things, the f-word was the least of the bitch’s worries, compared to what she could have been thinking about if her crime was taken more seriously.

  • just me

    December 9, 2011

    Love that the guy seemed to think his refusal to tip was going to hurt you. Even if they were 20 percenters (and I doubt it) you only lost 80 cents.

  • Kirsten

    December 13, 2011

    I hate people.

  • Caveman

    December 22, 2011

    What a couple of asses! People can be such morons. You did the right thing. Hopefully they will never return to your bar.

  • Mike Huffman

    January 6, 2012

    Good God!!! I’m realllllllllly starting to hate people… seriously. I think I should only bartend Sun-Thurs….maybe not even Thursday, that’s when the dickbags pregame.

  • Mackenzie

    January 21, 2012

    Oh my god I read this twice because it made me laugh hahaha. I wish I had the balls to do that to people. How rude of them to walk out!! Fuckers haha.

  • Sasha

    January 29, 2013

    Wow I would never walk out without paying the bill and I’m a patient person especially when it’s obvious the server has their hands full.
    I have pretended to walk out once though, to get the waitress’s attention. My husband and I had long wait times for orders, drinks, food, etc but I don’t mind too much if I’m not in a hurry. Problem was, when we asked for the bill, the waitress said okay and walked off. It’s a small restaurant we were in with only 1 other table and a man at the bar. We waited for ten or so minutes, all the while watching the waitress flirt with the man at the bar and refill his beer twice. I got up and asked for the bill again. She said yes I’ll bring it right over. Sit back down and watch her bring main dish to other table, seat and take the orders of a new table, and bring them drinks. Then she made herself a drink and sat next to the man at the bar! My husband is shy and wouldn’t say anything, so I just told him let’s pretend to go and see if she even notices! We put on our coats and half way to the door the waitress runs up and says “you can pay now”. Gee, thanks. And no, I didn’t tip (I live in Canada and servers get full minimum wage).

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