• Billy Rayon

    August 14, 2011

    …love your site ! There’s never a shortage of stories in this business …My new book, More Separate Checks Vol 2, illustrates this …

  • Andrew

    August 29, 2011

    HI We are members of new social network for wait staff.
    Waiters Today is a project made by restaurant enthusiasts with the goal of forming a social network that will help all people involved in the restaurant industry. By connecting and interacting directly with real people from the industry, our hope is to promote continued self-education, share information and work experiences, and provide a fun atmosphere for socializing and networking.

    The idea came from a group of friends working together in a fine dining restaurant in Indianapolis. Starting as wait assistance, each has strived to work their way up and are currently working as servers, bartenders, and managers. Working their way to their positions, then maintaining them requires continuous self-education acquired by searching the web, reading books about wine, food, cocktails, and anything else restaurant related.

    So we thought, why not try to connect all of our friends from our industry? Not just in Indianapolis, but all over the country, and hopefully all over the world. After all the restaurant industry is one of the biggest and oldest professions. Here is our opportunity to blog or talk about different restaurant topics with others who understand the restaurant business. We deserve to be connected and to grow in every aspect. Not to mention have our voices heard!

    We would like to call all the restaurant industry people (no matter what your position or experience is), along with all the people and companies also connected to restaurants, to join our web site. Invite friends from the industry and let us all share our experiences
    and knowledge.
    Let us know how do u like our website,post blog or event,discuss on our forums or start your own group.
    Help us out and maybe have link on your website that points to ours….
    Thanks a lot !!!!!
    Sincerely yours
    Waiters Today !!!!

  • Billy Rayon

    September 11, 2011

    Hey, ya ‘ll …I feel your pain …. !

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