Secret Pot Rooms and Other Shenanigans

I just read this article on a fancy restaurant in NY that has an alleged pot room, where celebrities and high profile clientele can smoke pot on the DL. Reading this made me think about all the laws that restaurants and bars break for celebrities. It’s at least once a week we see the tabloids post pics of some underage celeb coming out of a over 21 establishment. I personally have never been pressured to serve someone just because they were famous, but I also work at a fine dining lunch establishment far away from Hollywood. I wonder how our service industry colleagues that have been put in this situation deal with it? I once worked with a bartender who lost his job and had to pay a huge fine due to serving an undercover ABC officer, it has always been stressed to me in every serving position I have held that serving someone underage is a HUGE no no, but it seems that in these circles it is just overlooked and expected.

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