Screwing The Boss OVER

I work at a diner in the middle of tourist district where July 4th is
one of the busiest days of the year. The boss is never at work and
doesn’t give a shit, (literally, the restaurant was on fire and she
didn’t even bother coming in she just had someone text her pictures.),
our manager wants off every other day, and no one basically gives a
fuck, but to be dramatic and bitch at each other and text the boss and
tell on each other. I am certain that over half the workers there
would be down for a walkout. In which there is 4 servers and 2 hosts
out front, and 3 cooks and 2 dishwashers in back. On July 4th i want
to get busy as shit, i mean 45 minutes to an hour waiting list. Then
just as all the tickets are back, just everyone that is there mass
text the boss and said we are done or whatever snappy saying someone
can come up with. Then leave. Then once the boss comes in it will only
be her, the guy that fucks her in the office, her drug addict son, and
his wife that is stuck in that crazy family. So from 11 people to
4…maybe a riot would start.

– Casey


  • Pandy

    May 21, 2012

    Will you post if you do this and it actually works? I want to hear!

  • Trousle Undrhil

    August 15, 2012

    And then post and let us know how your job search is going once you give that reference from your old job…

    “Casey? Yeah. Little punk staged a mass walk-out on July 4, busiest time of day, too. Heck if I know why. Good luck with that one!”

    Yeah … very classy.

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