Rich Cheapasses!!

Let me preface this by letting you know I work lunch in the Financial District in San Francisco, our restaurant caters to “business lunches” for the large financial firms, law firms, and tech companies in the area. Many of our guests are high net worth individuals and recently I have been having the worst luck with them! I should literally take research on this subject because I see so many of the “elite” credit cards on a daily basis. ie: Black American Express, Black Visa Card, Palladium Card by JP Morgan… Based on the amount of these guests I serve on a daily basis I believe I have the right to generalize a little bit…these people are sub par tippers!!! Today for example I had a nice gentleman with his assistant for lunch, they had a perfect experience, no long wait for anything, perfect menu descriptions and suggestions. I can literally not think of one thing I lagged on or didn’t deliver to them exactly as ordered. The bill came and the gentleman paid and out pops his JP Morgan Palladium card. Folks, this card is no joke you have to have like 20 million in managed assets or something, needless to say you are RICH….VERY VERY RICH! The bill was something like 70.00 and guess what my tip was….10.00! I am so confused, if these people have such an excess of money (which I get they work very hard for) why not toss the waitress 20%, I’m not expecting more than 20% just because they are rich but 20% is four extra dollars, what gives!?


  • FLserver

    July 13, 2013

    Yeah…that’s usually the way it is. I wait on extremely wealthy people all the time and am not surprised by what you shared. I had a pro athlete (top 10 in the world)whip out a wad that would choke a horse, peel off three hundred dollar bills, and slam it down on the table for his buddy in a bet to see if the buddy would eat a coaster!(he did). The bill come and he leaves $10 on $90.
    Here’s the thing…these people tipping $100 would be like you or I tipping five cents, so the bigger question is, why? If I wouldn’t leave a server five cents, it’s because not only do I not care, I actually have contempt for that server, what he does for a living, his social standing, etc. And that’s why they tip like shit. They think that we are so beneath them, we aren’t even worth five cents. Real talk….

  • MissGreatService

    July 14, 2013

    At least you got a 10.00 tip on a 70 dollar meal! I remember once I served a customer that ordered like an 80 dollar meal and guess what my tip was? You’re gonna love it *drum roll* zero dollars and zero cents! Some people really amaze me. I mean, a tip is nice, not mandatory (at least where I work) and shows appreciation, but really? You can spend 80 bucks on a meal, but have no money to tip? >_> *sigh*

  • Belle Jen Waffulz

    August 1, 2013

    I will never understand this concept either. I work in the snobbiest city in Minnesota just 15 minutes from Minneapolis called Edina. The women are some of the worst women you can ever serve. Their husbands make tons of money and they go blow it on Botox, hair, and other useless garbage that makes them even more pretentious. They come in with a girlfriend, have long deep conversations where you feel uncomfortable interrupting them, sit for 4 hours in your section, tip you shit and leave lovely notes saying how non attentive you are. Thanks bitches! I could have had 3 more guests in your place during that time.

  • Patricia K.

    August 8, 2013

    Well, I’m not rich! Right now, we don’t have 2 nickels to rub together but, I was a cocktail waitress/bartender for 20 yrs so, I always over tip! I don’t go out to eat unless I have tip money & I’ve taught my boys the same! Servers at our favorite restaurants fight over us! Now, I don’t leave $100 but on a $50.00 bill, I’ll leave $25 or $30 & I always stop by at Christmas (whether I’m eating or not) & give my servers a few bucks to help them with Christmas cause I know they have kids & I know every penny helps! These rich people should be ashamed! I once waited on H. Williams Jr (bocephus) & his entourage, talk about a butt head! They ran me ragged, I was told to wait on them & only them (the bar had to be totally dark cause we wouldn’t want any fans bothering the great one), do you think I got one thin dime? No sir, I did not! This was about 30 yrs ago at the height of his success & I’m sure he’s still the same cheapskate

  • john

    July 2, 2015

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