Pepper Spray Fiasco

This one night at a midly busy restaurant. I was serving, all of a
sudden, I get a God- forsaken, cough inducing, tickle in my throat
that would make any server (or patron) cringe. The important thing ,is
that I was en-route to a table and in the middle of taking their
order, so the fact that I was in front of them having a wierd coughing
fit was awkward. I apologized and continued trying to take their order
amid practically chocking.

All of a sudden, the whole dinning room errupts in a fit of coughs. I
instantly think we have been the victim of like a terrorist attack or
something and then look back nervously at my table.

*Them* Is something in the air (they ask laughing)

*Me (nervously trying to cover up whatever is happening) Yeah….hah
ha I guess!!!! Umm let me put in your order and I’ll be back ok guys?

As I head for the kitchen not putting in their food I exclaim…WHAT
IS GOING ON GUYS? Then one of the hosts inform me that peper spray was
sprayed by one of my very intelligent (sarcasm) coworkers, that
resulted in babies crying, people walking out, and a very, very
awkward exhange between my table and I.

Just so you guys know, we were coughing for a whole hour just beacuse
someone sprayed one shot of peper spray and wanted to see how it
works. Use your brain guys…gosh

Fired up Fiona

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