How To Tip Graphic

I’m part of the design team at Hospitality Management Schools, and
in light of national waiter & waitresses day that was on May 21st, we
created an interactive graphic that illustrates how we should tip when
responding to hospitality and service. I came across the site and
wanted to pass it along in case you had any interest. If so, you can
take a look here:

Title: Tipping: Responding to Hospitality and Service


Thanks so much for sharing, great graphic!
– Blair @

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  • anna

    August 11, 2012

    though i think this is a very informative graphic, 10-20% is not how you tip a hairstylist. generally, depending on your experience, you should never, ever tip under five dollars. if you’re in a relatively cheap place, (the quality of the cut and service doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the location) at 10%, the stylist may only be making $3 on that particular person. spending a half hour to an hour of time figuring out what exactly you, the customer, wants done to your hair,(which sometimes requires a sort of mind reading), washing, cutting, blow-drying and styling, i think deserves a little more monetary thanks than $3.

    i did go to school, and have a buttload of student loans to pay.
    jus’ sayin.

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