Daily Deal Nightmares

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Do any of you have any experiences with daily deals? Has your restaurant done a daily deal and been completely slammed? How did it turn out? How were the tips? Any repeat business?Would you recommended it as a good way to get business? We would love to post some stories regarding your experiences with daily deals (I can imagine some FANTASTIC customers came in – and tipped you on the total check BEFORE the discount). Please submit some stories regarding daily deals or just post them in the comments! Thanks and I hope everybody makes some money this weekend!


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  • Kat

    January 27, 2012

    We had a $25 credit in our restaurant with a hotel deal. We had some great people come in, some huge checks, and great tip percentages. But then we also had some people come in and order two desserts and SHARE a coke, so their total bill would be $23.50 before tax. Which sucks to have booked that table as a real one, and therefore potentially turning away a sa dle to real people. Our restaurant has a per person average about $90, so that is a big difference. On average though, I am pro daily deals.

    If it were me though, I would suggest a deal that was only applicable on slower nights, maybe Sunday to Wednesday. And/ or with the purchase of mains, to keep the cheapy cheaps away.

  • Lee

    February 22, 2012

    OMG all i have to say is KILL groupons and daily deals. It’s a total nightmare. You get everyone who doesnt want to tip because god forbid they go over their $9 dollar bill after the $40 dollar discount. The real kicker? Before we started adding 18% gratuity, most people would tip on the discounted amount of the bill, not the original (typically over $100 tab) so sometimes you’d get $3 or $4 left on an $80+ tab!! HELL NO! I consider my service to be pretty high up, I work in a mid grade (not super fancy, not a dive) local family owned steakhouse, so most of the people that those coupons have brought in make me feel like I should be standing at a drive thru window (no disrespect to anyone that does). After giving them top notch service, I’m totally insulted when I look in my check book to see enough to buy gum with.

    SO! The only other complaint I have towards these coupon mutants is that they expect to use the coupons towards every special we have – i.e. Daily Specials and Happy Hour. Sorry, but NO. Please pack your belongings and get the hell out of our restaurant. Burger King is down the street, they’d be happy to help.

  • Kat of a different color

    April 14, 2012

    I used one. Once. It was one of the restaurant.com $50 coupons. I read it carefully, to make sure I knew what the restrictions were, and how to tip properly.

    Four adults and one toddler show up to a family-style Italian restaurant, and inform the server we have this $50 certificate – as instructed by the coupon. He promptly informs us that the restaurant is no longer carrying Mt Dew (???), is out of high chairs (???), and that even though we were seated prior to three other tables, we would have to wait for them to be served because of something (I can’t recall what now; but they weren’t together, and weren’t all even in the same section).

    Regardless, we stayed because the certificate was non-refundable and only redeemable at this restaurant, on this day (Sun-Wed, only day we could all get together and make it work). Our bill before the $50 off was nearly $200. But it took an hour and a half for our entrees to arrive – by which time the small child was exhausted and starting to make a racket. So we asked to have it packed up to take home. I can only guess that a manager noticed we had been there for so long (all the tables around us had been turned at least twice, and some were empty by this point because of the long delay), and came to ask how our experience was. He seemed very confused about “not carrying Mt Dew” and asked to see our coupon/bill. We received an apology as well as free dessert (and we still spent over $125 with dessert comped).

    Not everyone who uses discounts and/or coupons needs to go to Burger King. Sometimes we have to save for a special dinner out once a year, and this is the only way we can practically afford it. And I like Italian way better than Burger King.

    PS: We still left 15% pre-discount. Had it been faster, more efficient service, it probably would have been 25%.

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