Cell Phone Etiquette

So today I had a great day at work for the most part. It was slow, but not too slow where I didn’t make money, just the kind of slow where I could totally VIP every table. You know where you have those days when you are like …Damn I’m a good server, yeah it was like that. Until this two top ruined my buzz. I had given them excellent service the whole meal, ran their card and asked if they’d like more coffee anything else yadda yadda. No, they didn’t, eveything was great thank you blah blah. So the gentleman left and the lady stayed at the table talking on the phone. Her back was to the restaurant facing out the window. I had one other table at this point directly beside them that I was periodically checking on but other than that nothing else at the moment. So at our restaurant our managers like us to stay visible and not in the back so I was at the front talking to my hostess, greeting other guests as they walking in or out. As I stood up at the front I was facing my section so I could see the tables in my peripheral because the second table was eating still and I wanted to know when to clear the plates. The lady at the first table continues to talk and talk on the phone with her back to us. Then my hostess gets a phone call from this particular lady who says she’s been trying to flag someone down for 20 mins and wants assistance. I obviously know this isn’t true because I have been staring at her back for 15 -20 mins at least. I go over and ask her what I can assist her with and she proceeds to reem me for not coming over to her for 20 mins and not paying attention to her flags. I explained that I had been up at the front watching my section the whole time and had not seen her make a gesture and also had not wanted to interrupt her phone call after she had said she didn’t need anything else. She had wanted a box for her minuscule cookie shards left over. WTF?? I just don’t understand why people think I don’t pay attention to what they are doing and feel the need to lie about things. I am paid to take care of guests and basically the only thing I have to do is be responsible for my section which I was watching like a hawk the entire time and had visited the table right next to her numerous times while she was on the phone, she made no effort to flag me down at all.  So I brought this beezy a box and she left after I picked up the check I noticed she had furiously scratched out her original tip and lowered it 5 dollars. Kinda ruined my day, sorry lady don’t blame me because you have poor communication skills.

Furthermore, cell phone use in restaurants pisses me off, you aren’t getting greeted until you get the F$*#K off the phone and don’t even think about answering your phone when I’m taking your orders and you make me wait. I have definitely gotten the one minute finger more than once, no not one minute I’m walking away and coming back when you are done .


  • CoolMichelle

    December 5, 2012

    How funny that she used her cell phone to complain, while her cell phone was the reason she was unable to successfully voice her request.
    You should track her down, sit in her office, ignore her while accepting a phone call , and then cut her salary, because she didn’t interrupt your call…WHILE you were sitting in HER office. Yes, fair is fair. Also, if you need anything from her, wave frantically! People love that as much as dogs. They sure do.

  • Audra

    December 6, 2012

    So you are to magically deduce that she wanted something, even though she was gabbing on the phone the whole time and never actually asked you for anything?

    I understant that cell phones are great, convenient, etc., but they can also be a big pain in the bum. Not a single day goes by that someone does not come in with a cell phone glued to their ear or a bluetooth earpiece attached to their head. Bluetooths are annoying because sometimes you are not sure who they are talking to!

  • Toastyear

    January 6, 2013

    Cell phones are a pain in the tuckus! Since most smartphones are $200 + why do so many leave them lying right in front of them hot plates blistering my fingers, hello people! GET YER PHONE OFF THE TABLE WHEN YER FOOD ARRIVES!!!

  • jakal

    April 4, 2013

    You needed a cell phone jammer. I have seriously thought about getting one for situations like this.

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