Can You Please Not Prove The Stereotype?

Normally, I’m not racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist, or anything like

that. I’m completely for equality, and I’ve been told that shows

through my serving, as I treat everyone the same.

But, sometimes, people just prove the stereotype that makes people

biased, and even I can’t help but generalise sometimes. Of course,

there are some that disprove the stereotypes, and keep your faith in

individuality strong, but quite a few don’t.

One table I had was like that. They were Pakistani, I believe, all

nine of them men, and they seemed to believe that since I was a woman,

I should be at home, with a husband, barefooted and pregnant while

making dinner for when said husband comes home. Now, don’t get me

wrong, I’d love a family of my own some day, but that life isn’t for


So, pretty much the second I walked up to them, I got an intense

feeling that they really didn’t like me. Regardless, I put on the

biggest smile I could and treat them the best I can, despite the

obvious glares. Unfortunately, they seem to think I was their slave

and ran me ragged, the second I got back to their table I got ‘asked’

for another drink refill, more garlic bread, etc, etc. And I use the

term ‘asked’ loosely since they usually just grunted ‘Bread’ or


Since it was a slow night, and almost closing time, I was the only

server left and they were my last table, meaning that each time they

‘asked’ for something, I couldn’t make the excuse I was busy, and they

knew it.

Finally, after what feels like hours (In reality it was only 45

minutes), they finally ‘ask’ for the check. Their bill comes to a

whopping £200 (About 300 USD, which, as a 9 top table was still a

pretty large bill, but not all that surprising with how many drinks

and garlic bread refills they asked for.)

And then, there was the tip. I was hoping that, by some miracle, I’d

managed to give a good enough service that they’d at least somewhat

consider a large tip. No such luck. My tip? £1.50. Not even 1%. I was

furious. I’d been running around like a slave for them for 45 minutes,

and they didn’t even give me a 1% tip?

It’s tables like these that give me that little voice inside, which I

hate, that always says that a colored group will give me a bad tip.

It’s quite often proven wrong, but sometimes, it’s proven right.

If you don’t want to be stereotyped, don’t act like the stereotype,


– Lizzie

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  • Mackenzie

    January 21, 2012

    Oh no! I’m so sorry! I hate that! I had a table yesterday that had a 50$ check and didn’t tip me anything at all. Zip nada. If you can spend 50$ on food then you can tip a couple wasn’t like she had only 50$ she was whipping out 20 dollar bills like no ones business I was super nice
    To her daughter , Which I think is important to the parents. Dumb rednecks.

  • Michael Huffman (@MedReigns)

    January 22, 2012

    Damn, that SUCKS!!! Funny how often people play into their own stereotypes. I work with all different races of people, and with only 8 or so of us on the staff, we’re really close, and CONSTANTLY giving eachother shit about the stereotypes that we, and our customers play into. Too damn bad actually!!


    January 28, 2012

    Ahh I remember bad tippers! They sucked so bad! Especially if you worked really hard to make them happy and nothing does!
    That is why I changed careers…was tired of the same old same old, smelling like food, rolling silver, bad hours, no time off, always broke! … sucked bad..

    Try something new…try something different…it’s your time!

  • Hating Waiting

    February 1, 2012

    You should have fallowed them out the door and hit the main sand man over the head with a hot frying pan for that bs. Here is a piece of advice, never never give anyone from the middle east good service, never never!!!!!! I’m sorry I know were not supposed to be stereotypical these days but I’ve been waiting tables long enough to know that they do not tip at least not Americans. And it’s certainly not for a lack of money, these motherfucking camel Jockeys are all loaded. They just view waiters as low lifes, people who are beneath them, servants, untouchables etc… You actually stand a better chance getting a tip from them if you 1. Don’t smile. 2. act assertive and talk fast. 3.When dealing with their table always have impatient body language like it is a big burden to have to deal with all their small requests (” oh you want all separate checks Fine more drinks already”) 4 Slow sloww,everything needs to be slow, slow to greet slow to get drinks slow to refill drinks, and if you do have any other tables they always come first, after you take thier order wait ten minutes before you ring it in. soon after they get their food drop the check and try your best to hurry them to pay be subtle as to not get in trouble but make it known that you are trying to get them out of here. This all sounds harsh but most of these people perceive kindness as weakness and if you stand up for yourself you will stand a chance of getting a better tip out of them usually around 10-12% still bad but you will never get 20% out of these motherfuckers unless they happen to be in the restaurant business. I hope this helps.

  • Nixon

    February 10, 2012

    I’m so sorry that happened to you. However I must say, it’s not always colored people. I moved to Knoxville, TN from New Orleans and work as a waitress. When I worked at Red Lobster, a white couple and their two kids had a bill of $70. They were very easy-going and was my only table. I got less than $2. I worked at a Comedy Club in Knoxville, one guy (white) and his family spent over $120. The guy who paid the bill actually kept telling me what a great server I was and how much he enjoyed his time at the club. Got less than $2 there too. It makes me wonder if people, esp. in West TN just don’t know how to tip. In my years of serving, I realized that there are cheapos in all colors! It sucks for us :(

  • The Jaded Waiter

    February 16, 2012

    Next time you get a table like that one find a way to sneak a little bit of pork into their meal.
    No, really…. 😉

  • Lauren

    August 7, 2012

    We had something similar happen at a restaurant I work at. We have a gorgeous little waitress that will do anything to make someone happy. There was an eight top table that came in and sat down. They outright said to her, “We don’t tip. We think if we don’t get tipped at our jobs, you shouldn’t get tipped at yours.” I was furious, as were the rest of the waitresses. Do YOU get paid $2.50 an hour? And expect to live off of it? How dare you! She ran her butt off trying to make them happy. No tip. Nada. I would have at least thrown 18% gratuity on their bill… Too bad the owner wasn’t in. Some people jut don’t understand.

  • Ayad

    January 25, 2013

    No need to be racist in telling a story. The writer could get more sympathy without the ethnic references. How did she know where these customers are from? Did they show her their passports? Did she think that they’ve never been to a restaurant before, and were so surprised to see a woman waitressing? Even if she is correct about their general ancestry, why is she so sure there are no waitresses there?

    “Hating Waiting” is clearly a bigot. His comments show he doesn’t even know his geography. With that attitude towards people, and with ‘hating’ your job, customer service is not for you.

    We have all been disaapointed with bad tippers. Sure it hurts when you do a good job expecting the customary 10-15%, and you get paid the exact amount as if someone was shopping at Wal-Mart. Viewing it as a result of the customer being Asian, African, Middle-Eastern, White, elderly, blue collar, or white collar is wrong. Members of all of these groups can be non-tippers. But I have been pleasantly surprised with each of them as well. You probably have been as well.

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