Best Tip I Ever Got!

So I work at a family restaurant with a buffet in the mornings. Also,
a co worker who despises me.

So, one day, near the end of the shift, a girl walks in and without a
word to anyone, goes to the buffet and starts loading up. Might I
mention, the whole time, she’s yacking on her cell phone.

So, the host seats her. Within two seconds, she moves for no apparent
reason. Never setting down her phone.

Finally, I walk up and ask what she wants to drink, she quickly says
water and goes back to talking. she stays half an hour, talking

When time comes for the bill, she walks up to the counter,
drops 8 bucks, and without hanging up her phone, walks out. I got a
whole .56 cents!




  • Remy

    November 23, 2013

    I feel you sister, I work a a family restaurant in a small town where people are cheaper than cheap and still wanting to use coupons for a mid upper class restaurant -__-

  • Ashley

    April 20, 2014

    I mean, it was a buffet, I don’t think that really calls for a large tip. Not saying she wasn’t rude, but it’s not like you serves her, besides a glass of water.

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