Always Cover Your Bases!

One of the worst things any server can battle is petty, needy
obnoxious people that are out to run you ragged and then get you in
trouble or fired over some meal. It happens for all kinds of reasons.
Some people feel they have no control over their lives and exert power
over people in customer service because they can. Others are just
cheap and want a free meal, even if it costs someone else their
livelihood. I have no sympathy for people like this. Fuck ’em. An easy
tip off to petty folks is if they have a gift card from the last time
they complained. They are in there hoping to trip you up so they can
get a free meal and yet another gift card. Restaurants reward
assholes. It’s the simple truth. Always cover your bases. Let your
manager be aware of even the slightest issues with these kinds of
folks. That way it doesn’t come as a surprise.


  • Michelle

    April 10, 2013

    Too bad some managers are less qualified than servers and detest dealing with combative customers. They truly worsen the cause :/

  • Jeremy

    April 11, 2013

    Don’t blame the managers, 90% of the time the manager just gives the guest what they want because not doing so we bring a call to corporate who will not only give the customer what they wanted but get the manager bitched out at the same time. It is actually the ones above the manager that worsens the cause and make the manager too afraid to put their foot down even if doing so goes against every fiver of their being.

    I had an incident where a woman ordered some extra queso with her meal and was fully aware what the charge for it was because I told her and she wasn’t happy about it but ordered it anyway and her friend ordered a side of pico de gallo of which she was also told that there was an extra charge for. I actually told the manager about this woman directly after she got her attitude because I knew it was going to become an issue.

    After her meal she talks to the manager and he comps both the pico and queso, I was pissed, she knew what she was getting and she knew what the cost was but she ordered it anyway and then had the friggin nerve to bitch about it after her trashy ghetto ass scarfed it all down. I asked why he did that and he responded that he didn’t want her calling corporate.

  • Maryke

    April 18, 2013

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