According to Romney our life sucks…

Lol…all politics aside, this is a funny video and another example of how the public loves to label those in the service industry as lower class. I’m sorry but it may not seem like it but many (most) of us make a great living doing what we do. Where else can you work 5-6 hours a day and make 35$ and up an hour?? We like to complain about it but our job is pretty freakin awesome, we make great money and have the flexibility to request days off or switch shifts! We also get a TON of industry hook ups! So let’s all take a minute away from our ranting and remember how great our jobs can be sometimes and how lucky we are to have them!


  • espinaca.

    September 21, 2012

    I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we serve them, therefore we’re beneath them.. and have to depend on them for the majority of our pay. That said, I totally agree with you. It’s awesome never having to budget grocery shopping costs, coming home on a Saturday night with the equivalent of what some people bust their asses 40 hours a week for, etc. There are definite downsides though.. Rarely are we offered benefits, requested days off and sick days are zero money days.. not to mention barely any job stability. Of course restaurants know their best staff, but in my experience, they’re willing to make an example of anyone if pushed too far.

  • Tl

    October 3, 2012

    So true. I’ve been a bartender for over ten years. sometimes you get screwed, but it all evens out. I try to tell all my younger staff that one table or tab doesn’t make or break you. Its the law of large numbers; it all evens out in the end…

  • Jk

    February 2, 2013

    I don’t know where you all serve but 35$ an hour is extremely high for a serving job. Most servers have a much lower average rate (more like 10-17$ /hr) and struggle to support themselves and their families on the money they make. Additionally, they have no outlet or security for the grief they get (I.e.,no HR) and can be given bad shifts or bad sections if they say the wrong thing to their managers. The hosts can a do play favorites when seating as can the bartender and kitchen staff. So the server is beset on all sides, not just catering to the whims of the guests, but also the entirety of the restaurant staff as well. Add to that the physicality and high stress/ time management of the job and the late nights and I’d say your average server works harder for less than just about anyone out there (with a few obvious exceptions). Serving can be rewarding, but it is by no means a good living, which is why everyone uses it as a middle ground between the past and something better. Appreciate your server, have some compassion and understanding and for god’s sake tip 20% for good service!

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