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What Are You Struggling With?

Hi Serving Warriors, Everybody struggles with certain aspects of working in the service industry. It is a tough job! Kristen and I want to make sure we create the most valuable and relevant content we can for you – which is why we need your help… …don’t worry it will only take about 60 seconds.…

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#ServerLife by Sinistah K

Great video about the server life by Sinistah K. Check it out! He hits every point about the industry!

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Surcharge Woes: Response to Inside Scoop SF

Recently, I have had many guests approach me about a 4% surcharge that has been tacked on to the bill at the restaurant I work at in SF. Michael Bauer, the Food and Wine Editor for SF Chronicle even posed the question this week…”Do you give a smaller tip at restaurants that include the surcharge?”…

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Racism and Jalepenos

Today while working my regular lunch shift, I approach a table of four women. The women were typical uppity San Francisco rich hitches (high and mighty bitches), they couldn’t even be bothered to look at me while I spoke to them. Anyway, they received their food and one of the women asked me if she…

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I’m 86′ed

This may be one of the cooler stories we have ever posted – cuz it is actually a badass song from Drew The Legend! If you have ever served a table, you will feel this song. You can listen to it below. Be sure to download/share it if you like it and also check out…

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bottle of vodka

Mommy likes Vodka!

Today at work my coworker was taking a table’s drink order, they has two kids with them a boy around 7 or 8 and an older daughter. The mom says she would like a Cosmo and my co-worker asked if she had a vodka preference and before she could speak up her son says, “Grey…

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Servers Wanted: Cable TV Show Casting Call

We got an email from a TV producer who is looking for servers/restaurants with a crazy boss! (Is that not all restaurants??) Anyway, check out the casting call below and apply if it sounds like you! And remember, if you get on TV – don’t forget to give Stuck Serving a shout out! ————————————————————————————— RESTAURANT…

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No Ma’am, Toast And Avocado Are NOT The Same!

Today I was working a pretty slow breakfast shift. One of my first tables wandered in, I sat them and they immediately had questions for me…YAY!!! First the woman wanted to know how much the eggs were a la carte, which I told her 2.00 each. She exclaimed, “Really for ONE egg!”  “Yes, Ma’am, they…

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Richard Branson on a Plane

Make Way For Sir Richard…

    So a few days ago I was at work and as soon as I walked in I was approached by my manager that said I would be serving a very important guest that day. I was not very affected by it because we work in an affluent area and have several VIPs that…

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Stuck Serving Reviews: Smokey J’s Q House

Smokey J’s on 3015 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705 is where you can find awesome BBQ and of course the FRITO PIE!!! We stopped in here on a whim after visiting the chiropractor for serving related injuries. First of all if you are looking for a full service restaurant this is not it! You order…

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